John Baez wrote :

> In resource theories \\(x \le y\\) often means "if you have \\(y\\) you can use it to make \\(x\\)".

The aha moment LOL. So we are only looking at the possibility of production and not the actual process. I usually deal with actual processes so when I see flow diagrams I automatically start calculating yields which caused the confusion.

> I have a feeling that when you are writing \\(x \le y\\) you are thinking \\(x \lt y\\).

I am not sure what exactly your interpretation of \\(x \lt y\\) is but you are probably right? LOL Following the flow, I would guess this would be the conversion of the actual process? The "or" in "less than or equal to" makes it into a possibility of production. But with just "less than" the conversion has made a choice of outcome?

So if \\(a+b \leq c \\) where a,b,c are resources is a process that is possible, then the actual reaction would be \\(a+b \lt a+b+c\\)?