Sophie wrote in :
> I made a fun plot of the level curves using Python in a Google Colab Notebook.

That's really cool!

John wrote:
> Can someone create a nice picture emphasizing the allowed region in the xy plane and level curves (really lines) of the profit function p(x,y)=750x+1000y? This will make it really clear what's going on.

Here's a picture of the constraints acting on production assuming \\(10000 \textrm{[processing chip]} + 15000 \textrm{[memory chip]} + 25000 \textrm{[minute]} \\) :


Red: p.chips, Blue: m.chips, Green: minutes, Green shading: Allowed area

I can't think of a nice way to include the profit in this graph without adding another axis. Maybe someone else has a good idea.

Edit: Just noticed that Sophie's heat map nicely solves this.