>Helping others collaborate is a big part of the goals of the Azimuth Project. It might be good to establish some mechanism for scientists to solicit needed help, even if it is just a section of the Wiki for now. It doesn't need to be technically complex just functional with some level of formal protocols even if they are just established by convention and copying the style of what came before in Wiki text.

I agree! Please start up something! I could help this get going by putting some questions there - I always have lots of questions.

I have been rather disappointed so far in the slowness with which academic scientists have taken to contributing to the Azimuth Project, but probably there are very good reasons for that, and perhaps with thought we can change that a bit. I think it will gradually change as the Azimuth Project continues to get bigger and better, but there could also be clever ways to hasten the process.

Please, everyone, think of some and try to implement them!