Here's a somewhat more complicated way, but the results look pretty good.

You will need to install:

- [pdflatex](
- [pdf2svg](
- [rsvg-convert](
- [sed](

First, there's a website for making commutative diagrams with TikZ:

![Screen shot](

After you are done making your diagram, click the link icon, which will copy the \\(\LaTeX\\) for the diagram to the clipboard.

Then, insert the code that was copied into this template:


% Paste your copied diagram here!


Save the file to `commutative_diagram.tex`. Then type at the command line:

# pdflatex commutative_diagram.tex

Next convert the resulting `pdf` into an `svg`:

# pdf2svg commutative_diagram.pdf commutative_diagram.svg

The result has some obnoxious white blocks, so we'll want to filter those out. Type:

# sed -i.bak -e s/fill:rgb\(100\%,100\%,100\%\)\;fill-opacity:1/fill-opacity:0/ \

Finally, the result is a little small. To resize the svg, type:

rsvg-convert -a -w 500 -f svg commutative_diagram.svg -o enlarged_diagram.svg

To make a smaller diagram use a number less than `500`.

Finally, you can share SVG image files with []( Here is the result of this little tutorial:

![Product Diagram](