> After a quick glance at Simon's publications, I think maple might be a better lingua franca than Haskell if we are talking programming languages.

That did actually make me laugh. I used a lot of maple because that was what I used in my thesis a long time ago and just got into the habit of using it. I would not recommend it as a lingua franca! I've more or less kicked the habit now. I teach a course on Python and use Sage if I need more algebraic structure. For more mundane things like websites I use php and MySQL. Haskell is the language I'd *like* to know.

Haskell seems to be very relevant to this course as there seems to be a connection to FQL which we might find out about as things progress, I don't know. FQL appears to be a database language but with similarities to Haskell, here F stands for Functorial, and QL for Query Language like in MySQL.

So, do continue to write in Haskell to each other, just don't assume that all of us will understand it! I guess that Python ('excecutable pseudo-code') is considered a bit of a lingua franca on the web these days.