My reply:

> I wanted to ask, is there an Azimuth Github?

Yes, see this page on the Wiki for information on that:

* [[Azimuth code repository]].

You might also be interested in this:

* [[Azimuth Code Project]].

If you do interesting stuff that people should know about, please update the relevant wiki pages and notify us all on the forum - see "Azimuth Forum - Latest Changes" at left. If you do something wrong, I can help you fix it iff I know about it!

> Also, I don't want to copy exercises from the book and put them somewhere publicly without permission. Do you think this would be OK or should I email Brendan or David and ask?

Brendan and David have already given us permission to do stuff like this:

* [[Applied Category Theory - Chapter 1 - Exercises]]

* [[Applied Category Theory - Chapter 2 - Exercises]]

* [[Applied Category Theory - Chapter 3 - Exercises]]

and I encourage you to continue doing more of this - click the links to see what this stuff is.