> The "proper" way to do that is to rebase against master, so that your squashed commit can be applied as a straightforward merge (or fast-forward if you don't even want the merge commit). Force pushing forcibly updates a publicly known branch head in a non-monotonic manner, so that if someone else has checked out that head and is working against it, they'll be working on history that essentially no longer exists, as far as the remote is concerned.

I can appreciate this perspective.

However, I have a PR in flight as we speak. For this particular absurd little thing the only way I can tell if my code is broken is Travis CI. Instead of having a string of commits with silly messages like `Struggling to get CI to work`, I've been force pushing. I know it's evil. The politics of open source are such that you are much more likely to get your PR in if it's tidy, even if that's a lie.

The logic of that argument does not apply to etiquette in this forum.

> Nobody minds editing posts (I edit a ton), but if something published needs to be altered or removed, it's kind to those who might have seen it to leave some remnant of it around, even if just as an edit saying "I said something about X before here, but it was wrong". It helps to preserve some semblance of linear continuity of a forum thread.

I will try to be better about that.

I am sorry.