Hmm, I must have missed that training session. I went into academia precisely so I could think about whatever I want. And now you're telling me I was supposed to be avoiding diversions?

Well, I never succeeded to get anyone interested in anything beyond their current research topic while I was in academia...which was one year, 1999, that I spent working on my diploma thesis (in case you're wondering: I don't have a PhD). During that time I had a lot of contact with a math professor working in statistics, I once gave a little talk in the math department about the concept of mixing stochastic processes - the same day I learned that an assistant professor over at the physics department thought about this concept and how he could use this in many body problems.

I kind of expected that these people would have some kind of interest in a collaboration, since they were really thinking about the very same concept. They did not. It is this kind of solipsism that drove me away from academia :-)

So, based on this experience, I did not expect anyone who has tenure to have any interest in doing anything for the Azimuth project, until there is some material there that they can use for a paper they are currently working on...