21 September 2017:

1) Blake finished his thesis and turned it in last Friday!

2) Blake got two offers of postdoc positions! One is from Spencer Breiner at the National Institute of Standards in Gaithersburg Maryland, and one at Siemens - I guess at Princeton? But he may instead go surfing in Peru.

3) John Foley's talk to the DARPA bigshots went well! DARPA may start up more projects connected to operads and categories.

4) Daniel and Kenny finished a paper, put it on the arXiv, and submitted it to Susan Niefield for publication in _Theory and Applications of Categories_!

* [Spans of cospans in a topos](https://arxiv.org/abs/1707.02098)

> **Abstract.** For a topos T, there is a bicategory MonicSp(Csp(T)) whose objects are those of T, morphisms are cospans in T, and 2-morphisms are isomorphism classes of monic spans of cospans in T. Using a result of Shulman, we prove that MonicSp(Csp(T)) is symmetric monoidal, and moreover, that it is compact closed in the sense of Stay. We provide an application which illustrates how to encode double pushout rewrite rules as 2-morphisms inside a compact closed sub-bicategory of MonicSp(Csp(Graph).

5) Here's what I wrote on Azimuth about our special session on category theory - you can see people's abstracts by clicking on their talk titles. I hope you're all getting ready for this big pow-wow!

* [Applied Category Theory at UCR (Part 2)](https://johncarlosbaez.wordpress.com/2017/09/21/applied-category-theory-at-ucr-part-2/)