John and Matthew

Wow thanks for the correction and tips! I am truly grateful!

Clearly I wasn't being clear in my communication and I think John is giving me the benefit of the doubt in that I knew what I was doing LOL. I was trying to figure out what to assume and what to prove but once I did, I apparently ended up skipping steps and went in a different direction! In my mind after reading Christopher's answer, I realized that you can do that in one step like John said in the end of his [comment 9]( and pretty much rewrote what Christopher did in terms of this puzzle while making sure I was only using the assumptions I made. Being a newby, I shouldn't have skipped steps and should have done what Matthew did... or at least clearly stated which direction I was going to take as John pointed out...

Thanks for the references Matthew. I will definitely try to read through and hopefully one day I can become fluent speaker of this beautiful language!