> Okay, so in the future if I make a mistake in terms of a proof or some jargon, what should I do? Would you prefer I left my old post intact, and then make a new post with the corrections?

I think it's best to make a new comments with corrections, so other people's comments still make sense and people can enjoy the flow of conversation. I guess strikethrough is also okay, but it prevents people from reading one comment after another and following the conversation in a linear way.

We all make mistakes; it's nothing to be ashamed of. It's especially good for beginners to watch mathematicians make mistakes, catch each others mistakes, discuss them and find the truth. It makes beginners less nervous if they realize that the goal is not "instant perfection" but rather "the ability to recognize and fix errors".

I fix my lectures when people catch mistakes. Why? Two reasons:

1) I don't want everyone to have to read all the comments to find the truth: there are probably plenty of students who don't read all the comments.

2) I'm going to turn these lectures into some sort of paper or book.

But when people catch mistakes of mine I try to make a copy of those mistakes visible in the comments, so other readers can tell what's going on. Indeed, it would save me a little work if people who catch a mistake of mine would include a copy of those mistake in their comment! That way later readers can easily tell what's going on.

I have decided that when I make mistakes in my comments it's usually best if I _don't_ go back and fix them - except for really trivial things like formatting errors.