The wiki does have a list of words that aren't allowed. I've never run in to what it does when it comes across one - so I don't know if it silently removes it or if it sends you an error message first. The forum does not have such and I've yet to edit someone's post to remove such words - but only because, until now, I haven't needed to. Please do keep discussion civil, not only for the reasons that John and David mention but also because I have to abide by my institution's regulations since this is hosted at my work account. I have no desire to be an _active_ moderator of these forums, and if I had to be then I would have to - regrettably - close them down or move them elsewhere since I do not have the time to devote to active moderation.

So please do be civil, please be _over_ polite (if you don't know how to be rude whilst being polite, watch the UK Parliament channel - any speech that starts with "As the honourable gentleman said, ..." is guaranteed to be highly offensive), and please edit the above posts to remove the offensive words.

If a post on the forum is edited then you will see the "edited by X" line. If there's no "by X" then it means that the original author did the editing. Only John and I have editing power, and I only have it when I'm logged in as "Mathforge Admin".