@John A few typos in the lecture:

1. A couple of feasbility relations use the wrong type of arrow:
in the introduction, \\(\Phi \colon X \to Y \\) should be \\(\Phi \colon X \nrightarrow Y\\);
in puzzle 207, \\(\Psi \Phi : \mathbb{N} \to [0,\infty) \\) should be \\(\Psi \Phi : \mathbb{N} \nrightarrow [0,\infty) \\).

2. In the definition of tensoring \\(\Phi'\\) should be \\(\Psi\\).

3. In puzzle 207, I think the feasability relations compose the other way around, that is, it should have been \\(\Phi \Psi : \mathbb{N} \nrightarrow [0,\infty) \\).