Despite the fact that I haven't kept up with exercises or participated recently (particularly with the last chapter - paper deadlines have been getting in the way), this course has been really incredible and I've read all of your lectures and learned a lot from them. I want to echo what other people have said, that the lectures very concretely add to the book, by showing how to think mathematically. Some other thoughts:

1. It seems to me that these lectures, and some of the discussion of the puzzles should be refined into re-usable teaching resources. I'm certainly going to go back and use the lectures as reference material, but if you're running out of energy (highly understandable - I don't even know how you've been keeping it up so far), I feel like the most utility is in taking everything so far and smoothing out all the wrinkles. I think courses like this take more than one iteration to get totally right.

2. The main things I got from the course were: (i) finally having some grasp on adjunctions and their relation to quantifiers, (ii) the trick of looking at preorders to understand hard concepts in the full categorical setting, (iii) the concept of naturality - although I still need to work on this (and feel a lecture or two more on it wouldn't have been amiss) and (iv) the concept of closure vis a vis self-enrichment. I'm excited to catch up on the diagrammatic "logic" of compact closed categories - I don't yet understand how the feedback examples work.