I would also like to echo the others and voice a huge thank you for all the great lectures you've put together. Without your exposition I surely wouldn't have managed to get this far through the book. I like the topic selection from the book, but I find at times their exposition a bit too abrupt; so it's been great working through the topics at a slower pace.

Regarding the third point, there were times when I lagged behind, but I've tried to get myself back on track; I usually try to visit the forum daily and read materials (although sometimes at a more superficial level).

Pete Morcos suggested:

> I wonder if it would be helpful and fun if you ended with a few "greatest hits" lectures to give us a taste of the later material without trying to teach it thoroughly.

I like this idea as well. Also, it would be great if you could provide a list of further topics or resources that you would have covered if time permitted.

Looking forward for the exposition on monoidal categories :)