So far I am happy with how people are behaving on the Azimuth Project. So, I don't feel the need to enforce rule. But I think it's fine for people to propound philosophies that will make our work more productive. And even more important than propounding philosophies is setting a good example. For instance, I like how David followed Eric's rule ("don't criticize unless you offer an improvement") in the very way he criticized Eric's rule.

Getting a good culture established now will make life a lot nicer when more people show up, since the "tone" of an organization is usually set quite soon.

One of my own philosophies is to cool down emotional disputes over what's best by getting people to focus on facts. For example: while the Azimuth Project shouldn't try to settle the heated argument over whether nuclear power is good or bad, it should provide a lot of reliable information about nuclear power and other alternatives.