First of all, thank you for creating your lectures and providing much needed extra examples and perspectives! To use an videogame analogy, this is like starting out at level 1 in a big scary world, but already having a slightly overpowered sword and potion in the backpack.

As for the class: Although I tried to follow the class during semester, I often missed the energy to do more than one exercise or even one. I skimmed here and there, but not in a linear and consistent fashion. Now however there is finally summer break for me! I will spend the next 2 weeks at my grandparents place with a laptop, paper, no internet and a offline copy of this forum - I hope I can do some catching up! :) (My plan is to skim chapter 1 for unkown concepts then work through chapter 2 3 4). I will see how I can maximize my productivity during the day - much more than 4+ hours of intensive math a day wont fly. I guess I will make many walks and playing with dogs in between. I am really looking forward for this time - and I hope I can catch up, I want to contribute! :)

Independently of my own success: You have done something marvelous with this class. Many have benefited and many more will benefit from your work, I am sure. Thank you so much!