I think the course is going well! I wish I had more time to spend on the puzzles. Here's what I like

* Starting with posets and monoidal posets, and adjoint monotone functions really helped me grasp the later ideas. Just today I was using the *poset reflection* to think about hypergraph categories in a more simplified way.
* The applied examples provides a nice scaffold for the category theory (and helps me think of ways that the category theory might be useful elsewhere).

One thing I think is a little lacking is what new ideas category theory brings to the table when talking about resource theories/codesign diagrams/electric circuits, etc. Like if I notice that a digrammatic language can be formalized as a hypergraph category, what do I learn about the network/diagramming language? It took me a while to understand how group theory was useful, because I could see how groups encoded symmetry and formalized reversible actions in my initial readings, but it wasn't until I learned the orbit-stabilizer theorem and burnside lemma that I could see how thinking in terms of groups was useful for all kinds of previous problems.

But I still really like the course!