October 5, 2017:

1) The really big news is that Blake has a postdoc job, using category theory to help design more stable electrical grids! He'll start around November 15th.

I think he'll be located at the National Institute of Science and Technology, in Maryland. But his position is funded through Carnegie Mellon University, thanks to an NSF: EAGER grant obtained by Eswaran Subrahmanian, a professor at The Institute for Complex Engineered Systems.

2) Right now Blake is doing an internship at Siemens, and he's giving some lectures on category theory:

At Arqui's request, I started giving daily 1-1.5 hour category theory lectures here at Siemens (just Arqui and the other intern I work with are in attendance). It has been pretty fun. This week, we more or less made it through your "Some definitions everyone should know." Next I'm going to explain lax monoidal functors and give them a quick introduction to the decorated cospan stuff. We typically break off into tangents trying to imagine how this stuff might be useful in engineering.

3) I can't resist mentioning that my paper with Nina on operads and phylogenetic trees has finally appeared. It may take a long for papers to be accepted by Theory and Application of Categories, but when they are, and you submit the paper in their preferred style, they're usually quite quick about publishing it!