14 October 2018:

A lot of people are trying to finish up papers, but I don't know anything that was finished this week, so I just have an interesting story about (yet another) workshop on applied category theory.

Jelle Herold is a programmer who I've met at a couple of conferences; he likes Petri nets and category theory, but he's more of a hacker than a theorist. He sent out an email inviting a bunch of people to Croatia for a week early next month, to help his company use category theory to design new "blockchain" software. These people included David Spivak and me, and also Victor Winschel, whom Brendan knows, and who seems to be involved with Jelle's project.

David and I will be busy at my applied category theory special session, so I'm trying to get Christian Barrett Williams - a new math grad student at UCR, who is really interested in blockchain and category theory! - to take my place in Croatia. It seems to be working, but Christian needs to renew his passport first, so it's touch-and-go. I hope it works.

Here is Jelle's invitation:

Dear Sir,

On behalf of Statebox, you are cordially invited to attend our first official summit on category theory and blockchain technology, which will take place on the scenic island of Zlarin, Croatia between 1-7 November, 2017.

People involved in the Statebox project strongly believe that modern research in mathematics and computer science should have a paramount role in the design of software, in particular for the blockchain environment. Thus, the aim of this gathering is to bring together experts from different scientific fields and create a fertile ground for discussion and collaboration. By the end of this seven-day summit, we hope to have formed a strong community interested in what we do, willing to help us lay out the best mathematical formalization for its underlying core.