23 October 2017:

Okay, now for this week's progress. The first item counts as next week's progress, but some of you may want to attend, to see what I do in my spare time:

1) I'm giving a talk next week:

  • International Open Access Week, Wednesday 25 October 2017, 9:30–11:00 a.m., University of California, Riverside, Orbach Science Library, Room 240.

John Baez, Professor of Mathematics, UC Riverside: John will describe his activities to save US government climate data through his collaborative effort, the Azimuth Climate Data Backup Project. All of the saved data is now open access for everyone to utilize for research and scholarship.

My talk will be the first after the introduction. There will be refreshments, so hungry grad students should attend!

2) I fixed up my paper Quantum techniques for reaction networks, making some changes demanded by the referees.

This is another slow-burning story: I finished this paper in June 2013 shortly after finishing the companion paper Quantum techniques for studying equilibrium in chemical reaction networks with Brendan. The paper with Brendan got accepted pretty quickly by Journal of Complex Networks, and I submitted my own paper to same special issue of that journal, but some editor thought two papers in the same special issue was too much, so they shunted it off to a special issue of another journal, Natural Computing.

There it sat for several years, despite my queries! I finally heard back this September: it was accepted subject to some corrections. Now I've finally made those corrections. I shouldn't have waited so long.

Moral: never give up on a paper. And when it comes time to do more work on a paper, spring into action immediately.

There are a lot of other things going on, but nothing else that counts as "finished" except this:

3) Christian Williams went in to LA to renew his passport so he can attend the workshop on Petri nets and blockchains in Croatia during the first week of November. He's been invited to give a talk on open Petri nets!