29 October 2017:

This week's progress:

1) I finally submitted my grant proposal to the NSF - it took a long time to fight its way through the UCR bureaucracy. If accepted, it could pay for 4 grad students from UCR to attend the applied category theory school in Leiden, Monday April 23rd to Thursday April 26th. So don't forget:

The deadline for applying to the school is this Wednesday, November 1st. To apply, go here.

So far I have some evidence that Joseph, Daniel and Kenny have applied... and I think Jade said he would too.

2) Jason wrote a great article about graphical linear algebra on Pawel Sobocinski's blog:

* Episode R1: Redundancy and Zebra Snakes.

Lots of marvelous string diagrams! He and Pawel have been chopping down the number of relations needed to present the prop of finite-dimensional vector space and linear relations.


People giving talks at the special session next weekend are welcome to practice their talks this Wednesday in the collaboration room. One of you should get the projector from James Marberry.

John Foley from Metron will be showing up Wednesday in the early afternoon, so he'll get a sneak preview of some talks... but also, let's have some fun math conversations! He will be around Thursday and Friday and probably eager to talk to folks, especially Joseph (since he's working on the same project with John and me), but also everyone else.

A bunch of us will go out to dinner on Saturday and Sunday, including David Spivak and his gang. So, get ready for fun!

But before that, some of us have gotta finish some papers...