19 February 2018:

I don't know much that was completed this week, but:

1) I sent the math department chair, Poon, an email requesting funds for 3 grad students to attend Applied Category Theory 2018. I'm estimating $1000 for air fare and $1300 for lodging for each student. He will probably try to bargain me down in various ways, including the number of students.

2) On Wednesday at noon Helen Chen is going to visit us. She's a "grants facilitator" at UCR. Poon asked her to help me find some grants, given the failure of my NSF proposal to get money for ACT2018.

3) The Metron gang asked me to write a blog article summarizing my work with John Foley and Joe Moeller on operads for system design, so I did that:

* John Baez, Complex Adaptive System Design (Part 7), Azimuth, February 19, 2018.

This explains for the first time a bit about our work on compositional tasking using graphic monoids. Those of you reading Lawvere's paper on graphic monoids might like to see this! Once Joe finishes his paper on "Functorial network models", we should write a paper about this.