25 February 2018:

1) Poon offered Daniel, Jade and Joseph $1000 each to attend Applied Category Theory 2018. Brendan offered them additional funds.

I believe all three have now bought airplane tickets for this event - both the school (April 23-27) and the ensuing workshop (April 30-May 4).

I hope all three know how long it takes to get or renew a passport - if you start now you may not be done in time unless you pay for expedited service.

2) Daniel wrote a blog article as part of the lead-up to this school:

* Daniel Cicala and Jules Hedges, Cartesian bicategories, February 19, 2018.

This is nice because some bicategories that Daniel is studying, with rewrites as 2-morphisms, are "cartesian" in this sense. The classic example is [sets, relations, implications], where the relation R from X to Y implies the relation S if R ⊆ S ⊆ X x Y.

3) I submitted a proposal to Mario Rasetti to set up a mathematics research group at the Institute of Scientific Interchange in Torino, Italy. You may recall that he invited me to do this last summer. For a while I didn't have enough energy. I now realize that came from a combination of Trump's madness, my mother's death, and the hassle of selling her estate. I'm feeling more peppy these days!