12 March 2018:

This week's progress:

1) I posted another blog article by ACT2018 students - a second one on linguistics and category theory:

* Tai-Danae Bradley and Brad Theilman, Cognition, convexity and category theory.

I love the category of convex sets, which has deep connections to information theory, so this is exciting to me.

2) Kenny and I finished this paper, put it on the arXiv, and submitted it to Theory and Applications of Categories:

* John Baez and Kenny Courser, Coarse-graining open Markov processes.

I submitted it to Kathryn Hess, one of the editors who we haven't already worn out with our papers. Luckily I know a lot of editors at this journal - she was a grad student at MIT studying homotopy when I was hanging around there while teaching at Wellesley College for two years.

By the way, Brendan is hard at work on a book on applications of category theory with David Spivak. I hope he lets us know when it reaches some stage of being done... like hitting the arXiv.