25 March 2018:

This week:

1) I decided to run an online seminar on applied category theory based on Brendan's new book. This spring I won't be on campus much, and this summer even less, so I urge all you students to register for this seminar! Details are here:

It will start slowly and gently.

2) Nash Foster invited Christian Williams and me to attend the RChain Spring Dev Conference in Boulder Colorado from April 17th to 18th. I can't attend but Christian will.

In case you're not keeping track: Nash Foster and my former student Mike Stay are running a company called, but they're working closely with RChain, run by Mike's friend Greg Meredith. Both these companies use a lot of math, like category theory. Christian and I are now being paid by Pyrofex to write papers; our first will be on enriched categories for operational semantics.

Mike and Greg recently went on a European tour, talking a lot of top experts in category theory and computer science, offering them research grants to work with RChain. A bunch of these top experts are friends of mine, so this is pretty exciting.

3) I got contacted by Sam Stanton, who runs a research program on Complex Dynamics and Systems at the Army Research Office. He asked if I'd like to talk about funding and I said yes. This program seems right up my alley - here's the description:

> The Complex Dynamics and Systems Program emphasizes fundamental understanding of the dynamics, both physical and information theoretic, of nonlinear and nonconservative systems as well as innovative scientific approaches for engineering and exploiting nonlinear and nonequilibrium physical and information theoretic dynamics for a broad range of future capabilities (e.g. novel energetic and entropic transduction, agile motion, and force generation). A common theme amongst all programmatic thrust areas is that systems of interest are "open" in the thermodynamic sense (or, similarly, dissipative dynamical systems).

I haven't heard back from him yet; he was busy at a conference this week. But I'm optimistic.