5 April 2018:

1) Joe Moeller got invited to the Fields Institute to attend their program on Derived Geometry and Higher Categorical Structures in Geometry and Physics this summer, June 11 - 22! This is being run by my good friend Chenchang Zhu — a former student of Alan Weinstein who earlier had hired my student Chris Rogers for a postdoc at Goettingen, where she works.

Some really heavy-duty mathematicians are giving mini-courses: Chris Brav, Kevin Costello, Jacob Lurie, and Ezra Getzler. (No, not the Kevin Costello at UCR — the famous Kevin Costello.) As you all should know, Jacob Lurie is the guy who wrote the book on (infinity,1)-categories: the book called Higher Topos Theory. (I think Brendan has been attending Lurie's class on categorical logic.) So, this is great news!

2) About 250 people have registered for my course on applied category theory, and I'm writing a short "lecture" for them every day. You can see the notes here:

There are lots of good discussions, and I wish you actual students of mine would join in! Don't be so shy - this is your chance to get lots of cool people to know you!

3) Today I gave a talk on The Mathematics of Networks here at the math department at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. I'm talking to Gheorge Craciun and David Anderson about chemical reaction networks. I'm trying to set up a connection to symplectic geometry that generalizes the one Brendan, Blake and I found for electrical circuits and Markov processes. Namely: I think that for some class of chemical reaction networks, black-boxing should give a Lagrangian relation between input and output flows and concentrations. But since the equations are nonlinear, this will not be a linear relation.

The temperature is going down to 26 degrees Fahrenheit tonight — and 15 tomorrow night. Craciun told me the spring weather is nice and I'd see cherry blossoms, but he was apparently lying. I'll come back Sunday and try to thaw out.