7 May 2018:

Here's some of last week's progress. A lot of people said a lot of very interesting things at Applied Category Theory 2018, but I can't summarize all that. Here's just a bit.

1) I blogged about the paper that Brandon, Franciscus and I wrote:

* Props in network theory, Azimuth, 27 April 2018.

2) On Friday I gave a talk about that paper. But I started by discussing the big picture: global warming, and what category theorists can do:

* Props in network theory.

Abstract. The challenge of global warming brings into clear view the need for improved integration between category theory and other fields. Among other things, we need categories to understand networks. To describe systems composed of interacting parts, scientists and engineers draw diagrams of networks: flow charts, Petri nets, electrical circuit diagrams, signal-flow graphs, chemical reaction networks, Feynman diagrams and the like. All these different diagrams fit into a common framework: the mathematics of symmetric monoidal categories. Two complementary approaches are presentations of props using generators and relations (which are more algebraic in flavor) and decorated cospan categories (which are more geometrical). In this talk we focus on the former.

You can see the slides here and a video here.

3) Bob Coecke, Kathyrn Hess, Joshua Tan, Brendan, Nina and I launched a new journal on applications of category theory: Compositionality. I blogged about it here:

* Compositionality, Azimuth, 6 May 2018.

4) It's not really progress, but still some of you might be interested: I've decided I won't go to Oxford after all. The logistics were getting complicated, and I realized I'd be happier to stay here and write. So, I'll be around until August.

Right now it looks like I'll be going to Singapore from August 10th to September 17th.