11 May 2018:

This week's progress:

1) The really BIG news: Brandon Coya got a job! It's a 3-year visiting assistant professorship at Whittier College. I'm very happy about this.

He'll be teaching 4 courses a semester, which is a lot, but each semester lasts just 13 weeks. It's about an hour and fifteen minutes from UCR, so we may still be seeing him around. But first:

Brandon will be defending his thesis on Tuesday May 15th. Make sure to attend if you're in town!

2) I finished my online "lectures" on Chapter 1 of Brendan's book. If you don't know and love the proof of the adjoint functor for categories, which is rather technical, it's really nice to see the version for the special case of posets. Now I'm lecturing about resource theories, Petri nets, monoidal preorders and the like. One nice thing is that Tobias Fritz, an expert on resource theories, has joined the course and is helping out.

3) When I turn down tempting invitations I like to mention them here, so I don't feel quite as bad. Here's one:

> Dear John,

> We’re writing to ask for your help in reviewing proposals to FQXi for the grant program “Agency in the Physical World,” a program run in partnership with the Fetzer-Franklin Fund. Per FQXi’s process, we’ve invited proposals from about 45 PIs, which will be due June 11. We’re looking for help in

> (a) reading and reviewing 13-15 proposals, and

> (b) attending a 2.5-day in-person meeting to decide the grant awards.

> The meeting will take place July 4-6 in Santa Cruz California (we apologize for the rather tight schedule as we had some delays in the first-round reviewing.)

> The proposals will be of standard length (around 10 pages of core material), and we’d estimate 1.5 hours average time to review them. We also have a couple of things to sweeten the deal:

> 1) Along with of course covering the cost of the in-person meeting, we are able to offer an honorarium of $2000.

> 2) Immediately prior to the panel meeting (June 30-July 3) we will be having a small (~15-20 person) workshop on “The physics of the Observer,” bringing together a number of interesting people from the Bay Area, the Boston Area, and elsewhere, including the research groups of Max Tegmark and myself. We’d love to have you at this meeting (with expenses covered), though if you just want to serve on the panel that’s fine too. If you are able to attend and might want to, we can provide more detail to help you decide. (If you can’t do the panel but might want to attend the workshop, also let me know that.)

> What do you think?

> Best,

> Anthony Aguirre