22 June 2018:

1) Brendan Fong wrote:

Just this minute, David Spivak and I had a paper appear on the arXiv! It's called Hypergraph categories, and is about hypergraph categories.

Maru and I are also working on something about Kan extensions and decorated corelations (but I'm not sure it's good forum material). I'm also lagging behind on helping John finish up the circuits paper. Tomorrow I leave for Toposes in Como. Then I'll be at the 2nd Workshop on Open Games, in Oxford, and then at CT 2018. Perhaps I'll see some of you somewhere!

2) Nina Otter wrote:

Yesterday I received my Leave to Supplicate, which means that I have officially finished my PhD. Yay! Also just in time, as on Sunday I am flying to Los Angeles where I'll be for two weeks for the paperwork for my UCLA appointment.

3) Daniel Cicala wrote:

My HoTT collaborators and I made a bit of a breakthrough on this thing we've been trying to prove for awhile now. It's technical detail stuff, so not too interesting, but has been bugging us forever it seems.

Also, I've been chatting with potential mentors about ACT2019. There's some excitement out there.