30 June 2018:

Congratulations, Nina, for getting your PhD! Welcome to Los Angeles!

Congratulations, Brendan, for putting Hypergraph categories on the arXiv with David! Hypergraph categories are very important for network theory — categories of decorated cospans and corelations are key examples — so all my students should read this paper.

Congratulations, Daniel, for making progress on that HoTT paper!

More progress:

1) Daniel has prepared an NSF proposal to get money for students to attend ACT2019 in Oxford. This is just the first step of actually submitting the proposal.

Daniel also has lots of other ACT2019-related tasks left on his plate - some of them fun, like contacting potential mentors. But with luck all this will succeed and Daniel will learn a lot and get to know some people who will eventually want to hire him.

2) A bunch of us put a paper on the arXiv based on our work at ACT2018:

It explains all the chemistry and biology prerequisites, so don't be scared! You'll be much cooler after you read it. But I suggest this version on my blog, which is a bit more chatty and lets people ask questions: