Cool. Besides Efron's Bootstrapping, I am reminded of Simulated Annealing which was popularized by Kirkpatrick but was known from physics.

Interesting that the solution to Navier-Stokes that I apply to these models have a non-linear and nearly chaotic look to them. They have solutions of the form *sin( A sin(Bt))*, where *A* and *B* are unknown and constrained, respectively. There are few good ways to deduce what *A* is, but if you can do it by iterative brute force, the results obtained fit the data very well. (see the video in #240 above)

The point is that someone else looking at the output would immediately dismiss it by saying it was chaotic, which is essentially the legacy of Lorenz. Perhaps a similar response that many had with Broecker's claim of climate being an "angry beast", in that it was impossible to predict what climate would do after being forced by an arbitrary input.