Actually, yes, I subscribed to the _Mathematica_ Home Edition version last month, using the Wolfram Cloud installation. It's $20 per month. I've been doing a bunch of work with cumulants and Edgeworth Expansions of late, and wanted to check my algebra and such. I'm also getting into tensors for multivariate statistics. I found the biggest challenge was the notion, which I'm not used to. The last symbolic maths system I put any time on was the old Macsyma. I did try the newer Maxima, but wasn't happy with it. So there's a learning curve but I'm glad I subscribe. It's like the central Wordpress: When they update, you update. I've also found the _Overleaf_ ShareLaTeX to be pretty nice, having exclusively used MikTeX before. I'm also trying Wolfram Alpha Pro for a year. I'm less impressed with that.