Yes, I don't travel to conferences and such. WHOI is conveniently close, accessible by bus, and Claire and I go there twice a year for other functions (1930 Society, Associates Afternoon of Science, and Fye Society). I like to catch symposia there from time to time, but I have been really busy this year, both on the Planning Committee of the Boston Chapter of the American Statistical Association, as Chair of our UU parish Green Congregation Committee (generally this Autumn getting activists onto the streets), and as advisor to committees of the Town of Westwood regarding risks and resiliency planning. (These are all pro bono, of course.) I do catch seminars at MIT from time to time. ([There's one about decarbonizing the electricity sector tomorrow]( These are all Webcasts, too.) I met Ray for the first time at an EAPS conference at MIT, and I've spoken with Kerry a couple of times. At WHOI, I'm interested in both physical oceanography and marine ecology. I'm supposed to visit wit Joe Pedlosky some time, but I feel I need to make more progress with his book before I do that.

Some academics go all over the place. Although he's in a spell now where he is remaining close to home, [my son, Jeff, professor at UCL]( went to China, Australia, Argentina, Chicago, California, and France (and a couple of other places I forget) in the last couple of years.