Cool, Paul. (I don't do Twitter. Had it. Deleted it.) But, yes. It's interesting that climate physics is "narrow". Is Ray Pierrehumbert's stuff "narrow"? Seems to consider a range of planets and things. It's interesting Drake mentions eddies. For life in moving fluids, eddies and swirls serve as transient energy stores, and they can be tapped or pushed against. Because eddies occur at a whole range of scales, I wonder how much total energy, manifested locally as fluid motion, can be stored in these things. Up the total amount of energy, do we see more eddies at all scales? There is Jansen, et al (2019), "Towards an energetically consistent, resolution aware parameterization of ocean mesoscale eddies", which says most of the energy goes into the mesoscale. But it seems we don't need to intelligently speculate, because of Martinez-Moreno, et al (2019), "Kinetic energy of eddy‐like features from sea surface altimetry", which suggests there are empirical constraints available.