Hi, I'd like to continue with the work started by @LeifMecalf, @KenWebb and @EricRogstad, on putting up separate discussions for each of the lectures. Leif had the initial idea, Ken started a good discussion on one of the lectures, and Eric had the cool idea to use an inline link to the YouTube.

I added a couple of touches to the pattern, with a link to David Dalyrmple's class summary, an informative title, and applied the idea from @JakeGillberg of adding Next and Prev Links.

For examples of this pattern, see the two discussions which I just added:

* [Lecture 4 - Functors and natural transformations - David Spivak](https://forum.azimuthproject.org/discussion/2449/lecture-4-functors-and-natural-transformations-david-spivak)
* [Lecture 5 - Functors in Haskell - Bartosz Milewski](https://forum.azimuthproject.org/discussion/2450/lecture-5-functors-in-haskell-bartosz-milewski)

I got the titles from David Dalyrmple's class summaries, which are [here](https://roamresearch.com/#/app/programming-with-categories/page/4PUHYRX13).

If anyone feels like contributing with some "clerical" effort, feel free to continue...

Also, Leif, Ken and Eric, would be willing to edit your discussions to put them into this format? You can see how I did it with the "view source" option on the menu-gear for my posts. Or if you're busy, or run into hassles with it, would it be ok for me to admin edit it? Let's discuss via messaging.

Once they're all in, we can add the next and prev links.

It will look nice when it's done!