Hi, I just wanted to check in, and say that I'm glad that we still have a band of people who are chipping away at the material, and keeping the discussions going! It's not like the buzz during the course, but think of it as keeping the tree going until springtime.

In the background I'm working on organizing the curriculum materials and categories, so that when the next class starts, we'll have more of a structure in place.

Also, after getting a bit more organized, I'm thinking of seeking other instructors who might want to use the forum to host their class discussions.

Keep this in mind, as a kind of paradigm. We, as the band of people who are continuing the forum, can also _reach out_ to others who might be interested in the forum.

That's why I'm particularly interested in consolidating and updating the current Azimuth project page. It will help to have a "pamphlet" that reflects where we are today, rather than where Azimuth was a number of years ago.

Thanks everybody - keep doing!