Someone on Twitter pointed out that the growth may also be parabolic, referencing this news item:

> ["There was a decision today [Wednesday], and air carriers have already started implementing it, this is actually about cancellations of flights to and from Italy so far. Later, we'll see about those countries where this virus will develop in a **parabolic way**, so we will also make relevant decisions, recommend that air carriers halt their flights. Forty-nine out of 219 border crossing points will operate starting tomorrow [Thursday, March 12]. The rest will be closed for citizens and vehicles," he said at a briefing on Wednesday following a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, according to an UNIAN correspondent.](

The stochastic approach to producing a logistic function curve is flexible in that the growth and volume parameters are independently adjustable. Here are some variations:


It's not difficult to add parabolic growth to the mix. But not really sure what parabolic means in the context of this chart, with the caption : *"China Cases Leveled Off - Rest of World Parabolic"*


So "parabolic" could be a euphemism for accelerating or concave up. China definitely has clamped down, reaching some type of herd-immunity decelerating limit, whereas the rest is still accelerating.