From what I am trying to understand, a feature of the early growth acceleration is that it is independent of the total population size of the country, indicating that it really depends on the initial hot spot cells and the typical human interaction within a sub-population. In other words, these are not *per capita* numbers. So while Switzerland & Sweden have populations of ~10 million, the UK has a population of 66 million and so *I think* the eventual cumulative for the UK will rise above that of Switzerland & Sweden. In other words the individual country curves will eventually diverge depending on how effectively each country can sustain social distancing + quarantining. Yet, given the huge population of China of 1400 million, it is at least heartening that they could limit this so far to 180,000 cases, which on an exclusively **per capita basis** would put them at the level of Switzerland or Sweden as of today.


Remember that the goal is to *bend* the cumulative curve so it reaches an asymptote sooner and *flatten* the daily curve so the cumulative doesn't rise as fast, which some [media people]( are mixing up.