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> Yes that's the correct way to derive the logistic sigmoid function from the logistic equation, but its not really considered a stochastic model. It's generally classified as a mean-value model or as a [classic *deterministic* SI model](http://idmod.org/docs/general/model-si.html).

True the page I referred you to talks about the deterministic interpretation of the Petri net SI model. Yet this occurs in the broader context of the stochastic interpretation of Petri nets - which is very much a discrete popcorn-like process - and that is what I _meant_ to be talking about.

When simulated you will get variation, which will be especially pronounced when run on smaller populations like neighborhoods.

For reference, in a separate thread intended for the general Azimuth Forum community, I will summarize some of the basic the key ideas of stochastic Petri nets.