I am quite the absolute idealist studying the limits of my own mind. But in giving my talks, I realized that I could ground my thinking in a materialist point of view, as I wrote in my talk on Time and Space as Representations of Decision Making. The idea being that resources get divided for dealing with what you know and what you don't know. And more and more, the latter takes over. Let's say there is a zeroth material state, and then a mind that unconsciously knows the answer (Kahneman and Tversky's S1), and a mind that consciously asks questions (S2), and then a consciousness that sets the parameter between the two, whether to step-in or step-out. In this way, the ideal fully emerges from the material. Then this allows for the same extension to be grounded in the opposite direction, from the ideal to the material. This yields another four divisions, bringing us back to where we started. In broad terms, I think that is what should be happening with the hierarchy of classifiers or with the Bott periodicity. But I need to learn the details of such various phenomenon and see if my thinking here is on track or not.