My friend sent me a link to an article in Business Insider: Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Romer says for the US to return to normal by the summer every person must be tested — at a cost of $100 billion. That would pay for testing every 2 weeks.

> The US has been under scrutiny for the slow rollout of its testing. Seven weeks ago, on March 8, for example, South Korea's number of tests per million citizens was roughly 700 times that of the US. South Korea had tested 189,000 people, while America had tested only 1,707. The discrepancy was especially notable since, as Business Insider previously reported, the two countries announced their first coronavirus cases on the same day.

> Romer is not alone with his call for mass testing. A "road map" report from Harvard University published April 20 suggested that 20 million people a day needed to be tested by midsummer if the economy was to be remobilized.