To the extent that we can find interesting applications of _stochastic_ Petri nets to epidemiology, we are making connections between a vital application and a developing area of math that is already in Azimuth culture (thanks to John's leading efforts).

Along these lines, I have a couple of ideas for avenues to explore, which I will post separately:

* [Research concept A]( - composition of a global pandemic network from regional factor networks

Here are a couple of references, for starters:

* Priscilla E. Greenwood and Luis F. Gordillo, [Stochastic epidemic modeling](

* Gang Wang, Ying Zhang, Simon J. Shepherd, Clive B. Beggs, Nini Rao, [Application of stochastic Petri nets for modelling the transmission of airborne Infection in Indoor Environments](, Acta Medica Mediterranea, 2016, 32: 587.