Update on comments [#475](https://forum.azimuthproject.org/discussion/comment/22475/#Comment_22475) and #477

The battle between the two Russian academics (Nigmatulin vs Sibgattulin) regarding fluid dynamics math reached an impasse and the open-access article was finally rejected.

>We would like to inform you that the following manuscript you commented on during the public discussion was not accepted for final publication in GMD:

>Title: Quasi-hydrostatic equations for climate models and the study on linear instability

>Author(s): Robert Nigmatulin and Xiulin Xu

>MS No.: gmd-2020-146

>MS type: Development and technical paper
Iteration: Revised Submission


There was absolutely no way that one could tell if either side was on the right track, given that no empirical comparisons were made to actual data. In a comment, I said that *in the absence of some actual data to compare against, the mathematical degrees of freedom involved in a fluid dynamics formulation will allow many possibilities for a potential solution.*

I'm not sure if that's the reason the paper got rejected, but it's a good idea that the original submission remains on the site because it essentially provides a warning to others on what is likely unacceptable research content.