Suykens paper is a good patchwork extension of Classical Mechanics, essentially meeting Bohmian Mechanics halfway. The Copenhagen Interpretation may amount to Bohr's fatalistic nihilism over the slaughter of WWI and Death of Strindberg. Such reanalysis involves rejiggering Planck's Constant to be non-dimensional, to allow a Quantum of Action to be defined at any scale or frequency. :-B

El-Nabulsi ends his paper with an increasingly common sort of Analogue-QM claim, in this case for non-local effects at atmospheric-scale:

"The main conclusion of this paper is that nonlocality has significant effects on classical laws of fluid dynamics even at large spatial scale and which could be measured experimentally. It will be interesting to explore the impacts of nonlocality-in-time in strongly turbulent media like the Earth’s oceans and atmospheres among them being Rossby waves "

Indeed. The general idea is that "quantum weirdness" is resolving as "realism" of extended classical ideas. Entanglement can be generally understood as synchronized clock-like processes "connected" by shared reciprocal qualities.