Engineering requirements vary greatly for harvesting consistent coherent wind, which is fairly rare, and chaotic wind, which is quite common. In analogy with Networked Computing, its the difference between a highly parallel synchronous process and a highly distributed asynchronous one.

Rheological Chaos is a novel subject in a geophysical context with, as [Asokan 2005] asserts, "implications for certain areas of chaos theory, such as a new intermittency route to chaos and the possibility of non-trivial collective behavior in spatially extended systems".

Two References-

Review of chaos in the dynamics and rheology of suspensions of orientable particles in simple shear flow subject to an external periodic force; 2005; K. Asokan, C.V. Anil Kumar, J.Dasan, K. Radhakrishnan, K. Satheesh Kumare, T.R. Ramamohan

An oobleck dynamics paper-

Edge Waves and Internal Waves are a rich source of interesting dynamics "in spatially extended systems" under periodic forcing, like our geophysical cases.

Let us conjecture that vortical excitations in air, as quasi-particles, correspond to the "orientable particles" in the general rheological literature.

We can begin to appreciate the geoengineering potential of Topological Surgery of the Atmosphere, not just Energy Harvesting, crudely considered.