> "What if historic QBO data is simply still too crude for a reliable measure of correlation?"

re: "too crude"

This is daily QBO data from https://cds.climate.copernicus.eu . Note how a short training interval from 1993 to 2001 can recreate the rest of the time series.


This is obviously not a high-Q resonant phenomena anymore than a tidal chart is resonant. The climate science guardians are having a hard time with this finding because they are unable to falsify the agreement. Conceptually it should be trivial to falsify because all one has to do is show that the QBO periods don't match the tidal periods. They do match, so it can't be falsified that way. Even Lindzen, the supposed sage of QBO understanding made the claim in 2 different articles, but unfortunately he didn't seem to understand how to do signal processing and so never made the connection


So some 50 years later, we can give Lindzen a mechanism. But since he is now retired I doubt he would respond.