Last time I edited the wiki was on December 7, when I added a reference

* Lou Jost, _Entropy and diversity_, Oikos 113:2 (2006) 363-375 [doi](

in the article [[biodiversity]]. My memory is that I encountered no problems at the time. Pressed the edit button and edited. Now I see no edit button, if I produce edit page by typing in URL it opens but then there is no save button nor place to write the contributor signature. I am logged on $n$Forum and do not understand why S5 button gives at wiki AnonymousCoward response. Last time I edited from the same computer and browser; I edit $n$Lab with similar software o the daily basis and the browser responds always by putting my signature into the form created by instiki. I have not being much active in recent couple of years so I do not know what happened. Is wiki active, is there some new place for additional login or whatever ?

I wanted to put some references today related to evidence for determining ENSO historical time series. It was about effects of volcanos on guano bird population, in some global cases thought to be indirect via its effect on ENSO, but influence of volcanos on phytoplankton population seem to be never related to it in historical events. Maybe it is too small effect (that it affects in opposite direction: helps fish) but in major iron enhancement events it may bring oxygen depletion because of excess overall plankton sedimentation into deeper layers of the sea. But are there major iron enhancements, or volcanos can not spread enough iron from dust into a wider area of the sea.