Dave said:
> ".... and then a wind oscillation added. "

For ENSO, the wind oscillation is a result *not* a cause. ENSO is a sloshing of the ocean's surface temperature caused by a tidally forced perturbation of the thermocline. The cycling standing wave in surface temperature causes changes in atmospheric pressure via the [inverse barometer effect](https://www.swellnet.com/news/swellnet-analysis/2016/04/19/inverse-barometer-effect) and then the gradient in pressure drives the wind (air flows from high pressure to low pressure obviously).

So essentially my work and the substantiating work by Lin & Qian (2019) blows a gigantic hole in the consensus understanding of ENSO. Read Lin's paper in the link below:

["Switch Between El Nino and La Nina is Caused by Subsurface Ocean Waves Likely Driven by Lunar Tidal Forcing"](https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-019-49678-w)


This is being treated as bad mojo by climate scientists IMO. From my experience, in any other scientific discipline, curious researchers would be all over it.