Its framed as the simplest ENSO Model test of predicting timing of upcoming cycles, by short or long events; as well established in the domain. Burden of validation of claimed predictive value of your Model is above all yours. "Knock yourself out", or "punt"; as you put it. Its odd to bother to predict year 2280 onward, but not this decade.

If your Model can do no better (maybe worse) than the year or so of predictive power of competing ENSO models, its because of the interesting deterministic chaos physics. Like weather prediction, predictive ENSO geoscience will advance, and the ENSO prediction window will expand, only by diligently accounting for more critical factors, at higher fidelity.

Your codebase is not very user-friendly yet. The user would first have to download and install GNATStudio and compile an executable. Its your baby; a major work in progress. Publishing imminent ENSO predictions would be kinder on your reviewers than demanding they run poorly supported code. TIA